Vendor Managed Inventory is Complex… Experience Counts. Count on ASF Components

ASF Components has the background and expertise to make a positive difference for your company.  With our integrated system, chain efficiency will improve, costs and errors will decrease, and your warehouse and manufacturing space will significantly increase.

Your company will no longer have to worry about lead times, surpluses or shortages. You’ll be able to allocate resources and capital to manufacturing, while ASF Components keeps you supplied at optimum levels, and with superior quality control.

You’ll get the right parts, at the right place, at the right time, at the right price.  Count on it.

7 Tips on Selecting Your Next Class C Components SupplierFree-Book: 8 Reasons VMI is the Answer for Managing Class “C” ComponentsPut that experience to work for you.

You may believe that your company is already working at maximum efficiency within the supply chain.  Maybe. Maybe not.

Using our advanced lean manufacturing system, the first step will be to analyze your supply chain and determine what areas can be improved. Our analysis will include an extensive, yet focused plan that even includes a prediction of future savings.

Here are some of the ways you can leverage our experience to make your supply chain and inventory management more efficient:

Assembly & Packaging

experience counts for vendor managed inventory

  • Determine the best package variations
  • Explore value packing of multiple components
  • Improve assembly and packaging speed and efficiency
  • Uncover “green” returnable cost-saving options

Manufacturing to Lineside Point-of-Use Part Presentation

  • Manage inventory by plant, work cell and bin
  • Identify inactive/excess inventory
  • Reduce delivery times
  • Reduce in-plant inventory
  • Incorporate ergonomically correct workstations
  • Develop schematic showing exactly where on the plant floor the parts need to be

Strategic Account Management

  • Manage contracts and achieve goals
  • Manage payments
  • Ensure regular orders, shipments and payments

Management Inventory Control  

  • Move hundreds or thousands of different products from numerous suppliers all to one point at one chosen time

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