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If you have a question about the products and supply-chain services of ASF Components, visit this page first for some of the more common questions we receive and our answers to current and prospective customers.

What is product rationalization?

It is an in-depth review of all product requirements and supply chain models used to support manufacturing. The goal is to consolidate and standardize the products required and to lean-out the supply chain.

Simplification = Productivity / Productivity = Cost Savings

Is it true that minority-owned businesses are more expensive?

Not true.   Minority-owned businesses such as ASF Components are judged against potential and current customer cost metrics, just as any other vendor.

If we are a value proposition for potential customers, we are awarded their business.  This has been the case for us in attracting hundreds of customers in a wide range of different industries.

What can your engineers do for me?

Our engineers can put Productivity into your office.  

A Lean Engineer will review individual product-manufacturing applications and installation; review individual part presentation at point of use; and review complete material flow from a manufacturing facility to the point-of-use location within plant.

A Components Engineer will review form, fit and function of each individual part; and review component application of parts.

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