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Fastener Nuts

Send me pricing and information.ASF Components is capable of supplying extensive compliments of nuts. ASF Components provides nuts manufactured out of hundreds of different materials; ferrous and non-ferrous, plastics ,aluminum, titanium, to name a few. Nuts will be provided in all styles; heavy, slotted, flange, hex, round with all types of locking features.

Material certs, testing and PPAP’s supplied when requested. All our manufacturers have up-to-date certifications.

ASF Components specializes in providing high-quality, high-volume, cost-competitive, specialty, metric and inch nuts. Our manufacturers provide a wide range of cold and hot forged capabilities, along with our suppliers of secondary operations in heat treating, machining, stamping and assembly.

ASF Components provides an extensive range of nuts, bolts, screws and other threaded and non-threaded fastener products for our OEM customers.  

All...at the right place, at the right time, at the right price.  

Send me pricing and information.

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