Streamline Your Class C Components Inventory with Vendor Managed Inventory

Class C Components

Managing your daily operations while also maintaining a large inventory of on-site class “C” components can be a taxing exercise. In addition to the typical duties that come with managing your site, you’re stuck with what is, essentially, a second full-time job: tracking inventory, reordering and restocking. While these tasks can be delegated to your staff, they still place an undue burden on both your personnel’s time and your company’s bottom line.

In these cases, ASF Components is ready to provide the solution: a vendor managed inventory program to manage your inventory of class “C” components. By outsourcing the work-heavy aspects of inventory management, you cut costs and eliminate the headache of having to maintain stock levels on site. This allows you to squarely focus your attention on the things that matter: production rates, site safety and quality assurance.

ASF Components’ vendor managed inventory program takes responsibility for replenishing your stock of class “C” components based on how often you use those components. Our program saves you time by reducing the amount of labor involved with preparing and placing purchase orders, awaiting shipments and physically stocking parts. As a result, your operation is lean, efficient and always ready for the next challenge.

At ASF Components, we’ve acquired the tools and expertise necessary to dramatically improve your company’s operations. Our vendor managed inventory programs are designed to improve chain efficiency, reduce costs and eliminate errors. As an added benefit, because inventory is stored off-site, you’ll open up additional manufacturing and warehouse space that you can dedicate to more profitable endeavors. If you’ve been looking for a way to streamline your class “C” components inventory management, call the experts at ASF Components today to discuss how our vendor managed inventory program can give you a leg up against your competition.

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