Vendor Managed Inventory is the Solution to Managing Your Class “C” Components

Class "C" Components

The goal of every industrial operation is to reduce costs, increase productivity and yield profits. While this is easy to put on paper, it can be much more difficult in practice. Managing employees, adhering to regulations, maintaining essential equipment and ensuring a steady flow of class “C” components are only a handful of the daily tasks that industrial companies are expected to perform. While vendor managed inventory can’t help with everything, it can help with your inventory. By utilizing a VMI program, you cut down on waste: wasted time, wasted inventory and wasted money. In this post, we’re going to examine a few ways that your management of class “C” components can be streamlined with the help of a vendor managed inventory program.

Stop managing vendors

Maintaining your own inventory requires countless hours of communication. You have to talk with employees to understand what is needed. You have to talk with vendors to order parts that meet those needs. VMI alleviates these burdens, reducing your role in the process by managing your inventory and communicating needs directly to vendors on your behalf.

Focus on productivity

Your employees are among your greatest assets. Why, then, should a substantial portion of their day be spent counting, inventorying, ordering and retrieving essential class “C” components? Rather than diverting them to these unproductive tasks, VMI allows your employees to focus on tasks that benefit your company: assembling and manufacturing.

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