Put Vendor Managed Inventory and Warehouse Logistics to Work for You

Vendor Managed Inventory

From global manufacturers to small, local operations, it pays to be aware of all of your stocking and inventory options. It may be tempting to manage your own inventory… the idea is that it reduces outside costs and keeps everything simple. Unfortunately, however, it often complicates things and, worse yet, interrupts day-to-day operations by taking time away from your employees. In this post, we’re going to look at how vendor managed inventory and warehouse logistics from ASF Components can help you streamline your operation and, more importantly, save you both time and money.

1. Lower your costs

When you no longer have to manage your own inventory, you save money on both labor and parts. Allowing your employees to focus on what’s important – production – means that you can reduce the cost of manufacturing and increase your profits.

2. Avoid inventory woes

Our VMI services ensure that inventory is held close to your plant or, even better, right on site. As a result, you can pull essential items almost instantly without needing to wait for inconvenient restocks to ship.

3. Faster lead times

Because your inventory is nearby and you have almost immediate access at all times, your customers will experience shorter lead times. Due to this, you can fully expect more satisfied customers and, better yet, customers that are more likely to give you their business in the future.

At ASF Components, our vendor managed inventory programs aim to do the work that you shouldn’t have to do. Our goal is to let you focus on production – and profit – by alleviating the burdens associated with maintaining stock levels, reordering critical components and enforcing strict quality control standards. If you’ve been looking for a way to manage your operation’s inventory levels and increase your overall profits, contact us today to discuss how we can help.

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