Class C components

Get the Class “C” Components You Need, When You Need Them

Class C Components

Sourcing the class "C" components that you need can be a chore. To combat the difficulties, many manufacturers opt utilize vendor managed inventory to maintain their stock levels. However, if your VMI provider doesn't offer a massive selection of products, you risk not having access to the essential parts that you need to avoid downtime and ensure a high-quality, consistent output. For this reason, vendor managed inventory without a wide range of in-stock class "C" components is ineffective and, unfortunately, creates more problems than it solves by shackling your production capabilities with unnecessary limits.

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Manage Your Class “C” Components Inventory without Disrupting Production

Class “C” Components Inventory

When it comes to increasing your productivity, ASF Components has the experience and tools necessary to get the job done. Whether you’re a fresh-eyed start up or a well-established corporation, our vendor managed inventory can be customized to fit within your business model and integrate seamlessly into your current workflow. With the goal of increasing efficiency and reducing costs, the processes utilized in our vendor managed inventory programs have been constantly refined and retooled. In this post, we’re going to look at how ASF Components’ experience with supply chain management can be leveraged to improve your business operations without disrupting production.

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Streamline Your Class C Components Inventory with Vendor Managed Inventory

Class C Components

Managing your daily operations while also maintaining a large inventory of on-site class “C” components can be a taxing exercise. In addition to the typical duties that come with managing your site, you’re stuck with what is, essentially, a second full-time job: tracking inventory, reordering and restocking. While these tasks can be delegated to your staff, they still place an undue burden on both your personnel’s time and your company’s bottom line.

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ASF Logistics Changes Name to ASF Components


ASF Logistics, LLC, changed its name as of Oct. 1 to ASF Components to broaden the identity of the company’s business activities beyond the traditional logistics segment of wholesale distribution.

Company officials said ASF Components will continue to specialize in developing, implementing, and managing customized supply-chain plans that make companies at the end of that supply chain more productive and lowers their cost of doing business. Despite the name change, the company will continue to operate under its current structure, and existing contracts remain unchanged.

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