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5 Reasons to Choose a Class “C” Components Supplier with ISO 9001 Certification

ISO 9001 Certified

When you’re looking for a class “C” components supplier, there are a lot of variables to consider. Stock levels, product options, customer service and shipping times can all affect your decision. While it may not be a priority for your business that your supplier offer cable ties or bushings, there are certain constant requirements, things that influence every company’s decision-making process. By and large, all of those factors are represented by a single standard: ISO 9001 certification.

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Full-Service Supply Chain Services with Vendor Managed Inventory


At ASF Components, we go to great lengths to ensure that our clients’ class “C” components inventory stays current and stocked. Whether we’re researching the latest in warehouse technologies or we’re investing in new, returnable container programs, we stay on top of industry developments and aim to be ahead of the curve when it comes to providing our clients with vendor managed inventory services.

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There’s Never a Good Time to Deliver a Defective Part


A dependable supply chain for fasteners and components has to mean more than parts arriving just in time. Without out top-rated quality control from suppliers, a just-in-time delivery that includes defective parts would bring your production to a screeching halt.

ASF Components makes sure that quality failures don’t cause such supply-chain disasters for our customers. The ASF engineering  department and our determination of the quality control capabilities of suppliers assures you that your components not only arrive just in time, but are just right.

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Five Reasons to Choose ASF Components as Your Fastener Supplier

Fastener Supplier

Why should you choose ASF components to manage your inventory of low-cost parts that are nevertheless vital to your production schedule?

If a ready supply of these parts is vital, and what part wouldn’t be vital, you need the company that manages the supply chain for these parts to be dependable. Here’s why you can depend on ASF Components as your fastener supplier:

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ASF Logistics Changes Name to ASF Components


ASF Logistics, LLC, changed its name as of Oct. 1 to ASF Components to broaden the identity of the company’s business activities beyond the traditional logistics segment of wholesale distribution.

Company officials said ASF Components will continue to specialize in developing, implementing, and managing customized supply-chain plans that make companies at the end of that supply chain more productive and lowers their cost of doing business. Despite the name change, the company will continue to operate under its current structure, and existing contracts remain unchanged.

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